About Us

Handmade Woven Kitchen Baskets and Garden Baskets

Our aim is to design and produce a range of beautiful and practical items from all over the world. Situated in London, Chairworks look to produce beautiful woven kitchen and garden baskets. Browse through our website and you’ll find everything from children’s playhouses and rattan fences, to log baskets all beautifully handcrafted by our highly skilled craftsmen. You can also get UK delivery on all of our woven products of any size for as little as £7.50!

We like to use different textures and colours and combine them to create the variety of shapes. The materials we use in our baskets are willow, rattan, sea grass, maize, water hyacinth, banana leaf, abaca, rush, raffia and grass. We make sure all our products are fair trade. To us, customer service is very important. We will be more than happy to assist you any way we can.

Is your garden your sanctuary, or do you just love the outdoors? On the Chairworks website, we have a stunning range of woven products to make your sanctuary a beautiful place. If you enjoy picking flowers or collecting vegetables from your garden, we’ve got a varied selection of trugs and flower garden baskets available.

There’s nothing like a picnic with your loved ones. Why not enjoy your day out with your family by choosing and item from our gorgeous selection of picnic and kitchen baskets. Bring nature into your home; with our woven kitchen baskets, whether it’s for fruit, vegetables or bottles we will have a woven basket for you.

Here at Chairworks, we make sure all our products are fair trade and have been dealing with many of them for over 20 years, meaning they are happy to give us the highest quality materials and prices, which we can then pass on to you. If you would like any further information on our woven garden and kitchen baskets or any other products, feel free to call our team today on 0208 247 3700; we’ll be happy to assist you.